Jan. 6th, 2015

1stmacleod: (Hey there)
For far too long, Connor has avoided the Nexus, or really anywhere but the world in which he's settled with Kairos. He's always tended to be a hermit, and now that he has something to lose, he'd been holding onto it tight. That means keeping away from anywhere he might encounter another immortal. Duncan, of course, has been allowed to visit, but there are so few people Connor trusts.

This does not mean he's been unhappy. Connor's days are spent in his forge, or taking long walks with the dogs, and always in between that there is Kai, the center of his new life and the focus of his quiet but intense love. Connor's home is his castle, but he has made a fortress of his life, too, shutting out everything but that which he needs most. Of course it's not a completely healthy approach, but it's an old habit, and one he's not likely to change anytime soon.

It takes an enthusiastic invitation and a lot of prodding for Connor to go out to a party, and then only because he's been told it's in a safe and isolated place.

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