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1518 January, Glenfinnan, Scotland
Connor is born - may be a foundling. Raised by Caiolin and Bredon MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

1536 Early Autumn, Glenfinnan, Scotland
Connor MacLeod rides into his first battle, against the Fraser Clan, where he is killed by the Kurgan acting as a mercenary for the battle. Connor's cousin Dugal and uncle Angus kill the Kurgan before he can behead Connor. Connor's father is also killed in the fight. By the next morning, Connor wakes completely healed. He is driven out of Glenfinnan tied to an old ox yoke, after being stoned and beaten.

Autumn/winter, Scotland
Exiled, Connor wanders the area around Glenfinnan and eventually south towards Glencoe.

1537 Late winter/early spring, Glencoe, Scotland
Angus MacDonald, a blacksmith living just outside Glencoe, takes in the wandering Connor. Connor is immediately attracted to the blacksmith's daughter, Heather.

1539 Spring, Glencoe, Scotland
Connor MacLeod and Heather MacDonald are married, and continue to live with her father, as Connor is his apprentice blacksmith.

1540 Autumn, Glencoe, Scotland
Angus MacDonald dies. Connor continues his work as a smith.

1541 Spring, Glencoe, Scotland
Another immortal, on a white horse, charges into Connor and Heather's lives and announces himself as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez. He takes Connor under his wing to teach him about immortality, and Connor shares some of what he learns with Heather so she will be prepared for his not aging. Ramirez advises Connor to leave Heather, which he refuses to do. Connor eventually learns his teacher's first name was Tak-Ne and he was born in Egypt, but adopting aliases is just part of what Immortals do.

1542 Late winter/early spring, Glencoe, Scotland
While Connor is away on an overnight trip to restock his smithy supplies, the Kurgan comes to his home and fights Ramirez, beheading him. He subsequently rapes Heather, but leaves her alive. Connor returns the next day to find her hiding and terrified, and their tower home collapsed. Connor buries Ramirez next to the fallen tower, and uses the stones to build a cottage for himself and Heather.

1555 Late spring, Glencoe/Glenfinnan, Scotland
Disease spreads through the animals of Glenfinnan, killing many livestock. Looking for a scapegoat, the villagers accuse Connor's mother Caiolin of witchcraft. A small group rides out to Glencoe to tell Connor, hoping to lure him in as well. Connor rides to Glenfinnan and tries to save her, but ultimately pulls her off the pyre only to have her die from her burns in his arms. In a rage and under attack, Connor kills Father Rainey, who spearheaded the burning, and the priest's adopted son Jacob Kell, who Connor played with as a boy. In the fight, the fire spreads through Glenfinnan. Connor takes his mother's body and flees.
The next morning, Jacob Kell awakes to immortality and thinks Connor has cursed him through witchcraft. He does not learn the truth about his immortality until much later.

1590 Autumn, Glencoe, Scotland
Heather MacLeod dies of old age. Connor buries her and marks the grave with his old family claymore, then burns their home and leaves Glencoe. He takes Ramirez's katana with him.

1592 December, Glenfinnan, Scotland
Duncan MacLeod is born.

1594 Edinburgh, Scotland
Traveling and learning to read and write, Connor stays for a while with a farmer and his family. When bandits attack and try to rape the farmer's daughter, Connor kills the bandits, but takes a mortal wound from a crossbow bolt in the chest, in full view of the family. His subsequent return to life shocks them, but as repayment the farmer fakes his burial and helps him leave town unseen.

1595 London, England
In London Connor meets other immortals, and takes his first head. He also meets an immortal named Thomas Cavanaugh, who becomes a friend.

1596 Paris, France
Together Connor and Thomas travel to France, where Connor tentatively begins to court Isabelle Tourez, a cousin of the King. Thomas coaxes him to break off what may be a dangerous affair after barely a month, and when he reminds him about Heather Connor agrees. He tells Isabelle he has to leave, but he and Thomas are caught by the king's guards when they do. Both immortals are arrested, and sentenced to beheading. When Thomas is beheaded first, Connor is close enough that he receives his friend's Quickening, which also enables him to escape while the guards are stunned by the display.
Connor leaves Europe for Asia, seeking out the immortal Nakano, who was an old friend of Ramirez.

1598 Mt. Niri, Japan
Connor trains with Nakano, learning both how to better use a sword, and how to make them.

1599 Mt. Niri, Japan
Nakano wakes Connor and tries send him away, but before Connor gets out of the cave, an immortal named Kane and two of his henchman arrive. Connor breaks the rules and tries to intervene, only to find out Kane came for him, not Nakano. The old sorcerer saves him, though, and sends him away again. While Connor escapes, Kane takes Nakano's head, and the cave collapses, trapping Kane and his henchman inside.

1600 Asia
Connor MacLeod travels across Asia and down into Africa, wandering and learning, but he does not seek another teacher.

1601 North Africa
Connor meets and befriends the immortal Sunda Kastagir.

1606 Glenfinnan, Scotland
Duncan MacLeod meets 'The Witch of Donan Wood' (Cassandra), who tells him the legend of Connor MacLeod is true.

1611 Cape Horn, Africa
Connor is picked up by The Jugleor, under Captain Farell. Later on the trip, he saves Capt. Farell from drowning during a storm, and also befriends the first mate, Carmichael. He learns much of sailing on the voyage. On reaching Europe, Connor begins to make business investments, knowing he'll need money if he's going to be around for a while.

1622 Autumn - October 2, Glenfinnan, Scotland
Duncan MacLeod is killed in battle against the Campbells, revives, and is exiled from the clan.

1625 Glenfruin, Scotland
After following rumors and traveling from afar, Connor tracks down Duncan MacLeod as he is recovering from death in a battle, where he had hired himself as a mercenary. Connor takes Duncan from the ruins of the battlefield and teaches him about his immortality.

1626 Spring - February 13-15, Aberdeen, Scotland
Connor and Duncan travel to Aberdeen, where Connor has business interests. Duncan first meets the immortal Nerissa, and he and Connor spend a day with Connor's friend Carmichael, now a captain of his own ship.
Later Carmichael is killed when his ship is destroyed by fire as it leaves the dock, while Duncan and Connor watch helplessly from shore. The immortals Nerissa and her husband Khordas are behind it, and Nerissa shoots Connor in the chest as he tries to go after them for revenge of his friend, and she and her husband escape.

1630 Summer, Scotland
Leaving Duncan to fend for himself for a month or two, Connor travels on business. While he is away, Duncan encounters immortal Martin Hyde, who hopes to used Duncan to get to Connor. Finding that Connor is not in the area, he leaves Duncan alive and goes off to hunt others. By the time Connor returns, Hyde is gone.

1631 Ravenna, Italy
Connor takes Duncan to a fencing academy to train, teaching him different styles and moves, including one that gives brief control of an opponent's sword while making them think they're about to win.

1632 Spring - February, Beinn Bhan/Applecross, Scotland
While sparring up on the mountain, Duncan defeats Connor for the first time. Returning from this triumph, they find the nearby town of Applecross has been viciously attacked. They learn Khordas is responsible and set out to track him.

Spring - May, Rannoch Moor, Scotland
Connor and Duncan catch up to Khordas and Nerissa, and fight. Duncan takes Nerissa's head, but Khordas escapes again.

1634 Scotland
Connor tells Duncan there's no more he can teach him, and it's time he struck out on his own, but they part ways as the best of friends.

1672 Spring, London, England
Playing the role of college student for a while, Connor attends Trinity College, and graduates with a degree in Latin.

1680 Shanghai, China
Connor and Duncan meet up again in China, and visit immortal Kiem Sun.

1700 Asia
After parting ways with Duncan, Connor travels the East, taking at least one immortal head.

Connor takes on a student, whose training is incomplete when they are beheaded by immortal Iman Fasil.

1711 Ireland
Connor and Duncan meet again, and travel together.

1712 Spring, Kildare, Ireland
On the road, Connor and Duncan meet a group of bandits preying on travelers, and fight them to rescue those in the coach being attacked. One of the passengers in the coach is pre-Immortal Catherine Mary Devaney, and Duncan is immediately enamored with her. Connor and Duncan part ways shortly after.

Late summer, Kildare, Ireland
From the coast of Ireland, Connor receives word of Duncan's impending marriage to Catherine Devaney, and travels back to Kildare just in time for the wedding. He talks with Duncan about Catherine's being a pre-immortal, and warns him that she needs to know, but the choice of whether to take a death deliberately now or grow old and die naturally without activating her immortality is a terrible one to have to make. Realizing that advice is all he can give, he wishes them the best and returns to his business on the coast. He later hears Duncan killed her without warning, and she fled from him.

1746 Spring - April 16, Near Inverness, Scotland
Duncan and Connor both take part in the battle of Culloden.

1770 Philadelphia, America
As a sailor, Connor travels to America for the first time, and meets Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. He tells the later that America is doomed, and at first refuses to participate in the Revolution, but ultimately Connor ends up joining the American Revolution.

1777 Winter - December 19, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, America
Connor fights under General George Washington, along with his friend Sunda Kastagir.

1783 Late Autumn, Boston, Massachusetts, America
Kastagir poses as an Eastern Prince and throws a party at the home of a Boston judge. He treats Connor to some of his own home-brewed 'boomboom juice', and Connor gets very drunk. When a Mrs. Bassett repeatedly and insistently flirts with Connor, he publicly insults her, and her husband overhears and challenges Connor to a duel. They meet on Boston Commons early the next morning, Connor still very drunk, and Mr. Bassett runs him through. Connor is too intoxicated to have the sense to play dead, until repeated mortal injuries leave him just sober enough to apologize and stagger away, leaving Mr. Bassett and all witnesses stunned and bewildered. The later hangover causes Connor to swear off Kastagir's home brews forever.

1785 Atlantic Ocean/England
Connor leaves America and returns to Europe.

1786 France
Connor becomes tentatively involved with a woman named Selene Montague, his first attempt at a romantic relationship in two hundred years. He encounters a rival in the immortal Hugh Fitzcairn, who has been a friend to him and Duncan both. Fitzcairn openly discourages Selene from getting involved with Connor. Furious, Connor abandons the woman to Fitzcairn's advances, but also refuses to speak to or even be anywhere near Fitzcairn for more than a century.

1789 France
Visiting a friend, the Marquis de Condorcet, Connor meets Sarah Barrington, an Englishwoman there to visit relatives. Connor begins to spend time with her, and falls deeply in love with the high-spirited woman, and she with him.

1790 France
A friend, the immortal Pierre Bouchet, calls on Connor for aid in the French Revolution. Connor is caught, tried for treason against the king, and sentenced to the guillotine. The day of his execution, Bouchet comes for a last visit, knocks Connor out, and takes his place. Connor is far enough away at the time of the beheading that Bouchet's quickening dissipates without incident, but Sarah Barrington witnesses the execution and thinks it is Connor who is killed.

Through various contacts, under the alias Adrian Montagu, Connor acquires a plot of land that will one day become 1182 Hudson Street, New York city.
Connor receives an invitation to the weddings of immortals Angelina and Robert de Valicourt, but does not attend at least partly because he knows Hugh Fitzcairn will be there.

1800 France
Connor continues to give aid in the French Revolution, to honor Bouchet, and goes to visit Sarah when it is over. He sees her from a distance, with a husband and children, and leaves again without her seeing him.

Connor joins the fight in the Napoleonic wars.

1804 Off the coast of England
Connor is serving on the H.M.S. Victory under Admiral Nelson. He encounters the Kurgan fighting under Napoleon's forces, and the two fight, but after Connor fatally stabs the Kurgan, the mainmast falls and separates them. The ship goes down and they are separated, the Kurgan with Connor's katana still lodged in his body.

1815 Summer - June 17-18, Waterloo, Netherlands
Under the alias of Major Dupont, Connor fights under Wellington's command. The night before the battle, he beheads an immortal named Mulet.

1835 Winter, London, England
Connor and Duncan meet again and spend the winter together. There is an incident with Connor and a voluptuous redhead...

1836 Atlantic Ocean
Connor takes to the sea again, first as a sailor, later as captain of his own ship.

Connor transfers the deed of his New York property to the alias of Jaques Lefebret.

1853 Winter - December, Atlantic Ocean
Captaining the HMS Rosemarie and carrying a shipload of guns and explosives, Connor encounters Duncan and his new student Amber Lynn, and gives them passage to America.

1854 Spring - March, Atlantic Ocean
The HMS Rosemarie is attacked by the immortal pirate Khordas and his new partner, Lauren. In the attack, Lauren beheads Amber Lynn, and Connor's ship is lost with all hands. Connor and Duncan survive only due to their immortal nature.

1861 America
Connor is a soldier in the Civil War, fighting against the Confederacy.

1865 America
Sick of fighting after the Civil War, Connor becomes a fur trapper and retreats far north, wandering up into Canada and across the West.

1872 Spring - March 13, Dakota territory, America
Drawn south and seeking Duncan, Connor finds his kinsman in the midst of the dead of a Lakota tribe, cradling his wife and adopted son. The immortal Kern has led a cavalry in massacre of the tribe while Duncan was away. After helping Duncan deal with the dead, he follows at a distance while Duncan seeks out Kern for revenge.

Summer, Pacific Northwest
Following a healing from the immortal Coltec, Duncan retreats to holy ground on an island along the Pacific Northwest coast. Connor tracks him there, helps him build a cabin, then leaves Duncan to find his peace alone.

1877 Winter, New York City, America
Connor spends the holidays in New York, and begins a tradition of delivering a Christmas tree to a small church there.

1879 Winter - January 22, South Africa
Connor fights with the 17th Lancers in the Zulu wars. He is captured by Cetewayo's troops at the battle of Rorke's Drift after they see him recover from mortal injury. In their camp he again meets his friend Sunda Kastagir, who helps him escape to the coast.

Connor transfers his New York property to the alias Alfred Nicholson, and heads back to the sea.

1897 Spring - February, Nantucket, Massachusetts, America
Under the alias David Carruthers, Connor is captain of The Dido, working as a gunrunner. He gets word while in port from Duncan, that Lauren and Khordas are in town and Khordas has killed a friend of Duncan's. He hurries to his kinsman's aid and with him present, Duncan takes Khordas' head, although Lauren escapes.

1902 New Haven, Connecticut, America
Leaving the sea for Academia, Connor is a student at Yale University, and also on their Rugby team. He gets a degree in Business.

Connor regains his Masamune katana through the aid of a gypsy woman, Stasya. (More info needed!)

1920 Cambridge, England
Connor is a student at Cambridge University, and a member of the rowing team.

1927 New York, America
Connor returns to America to check on his property, and supports the New York Yankees in the World Championship.

1928 Worstick, Pennsylvania, America
Connor has a small farm, which he later loses after the stock market crash.

Connor transfers his New York property to the alias Rupert Wallingford.

Connor is a gunner for the Allied Forces in Europe. When he is killed in the line of duty, he begins to travel and fight independent of the army, but still for the Allied cause.

1943 Holland, Europe
While on the run in a Nazi-occupied town, Connor finds a ten-year-old girl alone in the wreckage of a building. Her name is Rachel Ellenstein, and she is the only other survivor in the town. He flees with her to England, then on to America, intending to get her to safety. By the time he reaches America with her, he realizes he's grown too attached, and arranges to legally adopt her.

1945 Connecticut
Connor settles down to life as a single father with Rachel, working mostly from home as a translation specialist, and striving to provide her with everything she could want. He gets her horseback riding lessons, and builds a swing set in the back yard.

1952 Spring, Connecticut
Rachel graduates, and she and Connor move to avoid questions about his lack of aging. Rachel goes off to college in England the following autumn.

1958 Massachusetts
Connor buys a Porsche 356 Speedster convertible. Rachel lives with him, and he encourages her to have a social life, but romantic interests are leery because Rachel is living with a man who looks roughly the same age as her.

1964 Soviet Union
Connor goes with a group of immortals to fight the Kurgan, who is involved in a project for genetically engineered super-soldiers. The Kurgan is gravely wounded, allowing Connor and others to escape after the mission. (More info needed!)

Connor transfers his New York property to the alias Russell Nash. He begins to pull together items he's collected over the centuries across the world.

1967 New York City, America
Connor, using the alias Russell Nash, moves with Rachel to 1182 Hudson Street in New York and opens an antique business. She works as his secretary and business partner.

1970 New York City, America
Connor encourages Rachel to move out on her own, helping her to find an apartment in a good neighborhood in Manhattan. She continues to work at the Antique store.

1985 Spring - March, New York City, America
Connor encounters immortal Iman Fasil in the parking deck of Madison Square Gardens, and Connor wins their fight and takes his head. He hides his sword and flees the scene, but police catch him leaving and hold him for questioning. He's released after a grueling night due to lack of evidence. When he goes to retrieve his sword, he sees Brenda Wyatt, a police forensic scientist, investigating the scene. He follows her and approaches her in a bar, trying to find out more about her. Then she follows him when he leaves, and they both run into the Kurgan. Brenda is witness to their sword fight, which is broken up by a police chopper. Afterward, Connor warns Brenda away from the investigation, for the sake of her own safety.
Brenda later comes to Nash Antiques to question Connor, but he distracts her and asks her for a dinner date. Rachel watches them together, and encourages Connor live and give in to his interest in Brenda. When he goes to Brenda's home for their date, however, he finds that she is recording their conversation, has a gun on hand, and there is a cop watching her apartment. He reveals he knows she works for the police, and she insists she's interested in the case for her own reasons. Frustrated and annoyed, Connor leaves.

Spring - April 1
Connor and Sunda Kastagir meet in Central Park, and spend the evening drinking. They part ways very late at night, and the Kurgan catches the intoxicated Kastagir alone and fights him while he's at a disadvantage. The Kurgan beheads Kastagir, but he has multiple witnesses, and hijacks a car to escape.

Spring - April 2
It is Heather's birthday, but the morning paper reveals another beheading and Connor recognizes Kastagir by the description. Furious over his friend's death but unable to track down Kurgan, Connor goes to St. Patrick's Cathedral and lights a candle for Heather, as he does every year. Kurgan shows up at the church and taunts him, but does not follow Connor outside, leaving him frustrated and aching for a fight.
When he returns to the shop, Brenda is there trying to confront Rachel about him. He takes Brenda upstairs, where she tells him she's found evidence that he's owned the New York property for about two centuries. Trying to scare her away, Connor reveals the truth and injures himself in front of her to show her he heals. Instead of being frightened, she's intrigued and sympathetic, and Connor gives in to his impulses. They end up in bed, and he explains the details of what he is and how long he's lived.

Spring - April 3
Connor and Brenda visit the zoo, while Connor tries to convince her yet again that he's not safe to be with, and afraid of losing someone again. His affection for her is impossible to hide, though, and she tells him he shouldn't be afraid to live. They part ways at the zoo, and Connor is unaware that Kurgan has been stalking them and follows Brenda home. The Kurgan breaks into Brenda's apartment, kidnaps her, and calls Connor to prove he has Brenda and sets the location for their fight. Connor arrives to find Brenda tied to a sign on a building rooftop. The long and difficult battle that follows frees her, and Connor defeats the Kurgan, taking the most powerful quickening he's ever had to date.

Late spring
Connor has arranged for Rachel to have full holding of the antique store, and he and Brenda leave America together. They visit Scotland, and travel a little, and marry.

1986 Late winter, London, England
Connor and Brenda set up an antiques business in London, but Connor increasingly shows signs of not being himself. Eventually, through Brenda, Duncan recognizes Connor is fighting a Dark Quickening, and he and Hugh Fitzcairn come to their aid to help Connor overcome it. (More info needed! Section to be clarified/corrected later.)

1986 Autumn, London, England
Recovered from the experience and seeking to make themselves a family, Brenda and Connor adopt a baby from Morocco, and name him John.

1987 Summer, Scotland
On their first trip without the baby, Connor and Brenda's car is struck by another driving on the wrong side of the road. Both are killed, but Connor wakes again before help arrives. The other driver is also killed and there are some lingering questions about the case, but Connor is too distraught with his wife's death to care. Rachel and Duncan try to comfort him and come for the funeral.

1987 Autumn, Marrakesh, Morocco
Connor sells the antique store, and moves with the baby John to the place of the boy's birth, looking to escape all other reminders of his loss. He works for a museum and takes up residence in an impressive place, where they keep horses and John has private tutors. He maintains loose contact with Rachel and Duncan through letters and phone, but is reclusive.

1991 New York City, America
Rachel finds it too painful to run the antique store alone, and with apologies to Connor, she closes the store and finds other work.

1992 Autumn, Seacouver, Washington, America
Connor gets word of a dangerous immortal named Slan Quince, who has a reputation for going after the spouses/partners of immortals. He hears Quince is targeting Duncan next, and he knows Duncan has been settled in a years-long relationship with a woman named Tessa Noel. Connor leaves John in the car of his mortal friend Jack Donovan, and rushes to Seacouver to stake out Duncan's place. He chases Quince away after his first attack, and stays with Duncan and Tessa for a few days. He and Duncan also meet a pre-immortal boy who broke into Duncan's shop and spies on their swordfights. They do not discourage him from seeing them spar.
When Quince sets a time and place to fight, Connor goads Duncan and finally knocks him out, going to take his place at the fight. He has heard Quince cheats, and hopes that if he cannot actually defeat him, he will at least use up his tricks so Duncan will have a fair fight. Quince nearly loses to Connor, but fires a trick dagger into his chest at the last moment. Connor goes over the edge of the bridge they're fighting on to save his own head. Duncan arrives on the scene, fights the weakened Quince, and beheads him while the pre-immortal boy watches. He then goes into the river and drags the weakened Connor out. Connor makes Duncan promise to watch over the pre-immortal boy, Richie Ryan. Duncan agrees, but also says he's chosen to leave Tessa to spare her being further caught up in the game. Connor returns to Tessa alone, and delivers Duncan's message, but sees her devotion to Duncan and willingness to take the risks. Not wanting his clansman to give up on a chance for true love, he takes Tessa to Duncan, reuniting them, and then returns home to John.

1994 Winter - January, Marrakesh, Morocco
Connor sees news reports of excavation in Mount Niri, and the murder of guards there. He knows this means Kane and his henchmen have been released. Afraid of endangering John, he leaves the boy in the care of Jack Donovan and travels to New York to lure Kane there, and get himself prepared for the fight.

New York City, America
Arriving in New York at night, Connor takes a cab and heads the last few blocks toward his building on foot. Before he reaches it, he is attacked by muggers and shot to death, although his duffel bag with the katana is flung into safety, hidden in the garbage, during the fight. He is found bleeding on the street before he can recover, and taken to the hospital as a critically injured John Doe. He wakes to nurses and doctors rushing him through the halls, and in a bewildered panic he fights them. Realizing he seems to have no injuries, and taking him for crazy, they tranquilize him and put him into the Psych ward. He convinces a patient there to cause a distraction and escapes in the chaos, finding his way to the basement laundry, but he is pursued there by one of Kane's henchmen. Swordless, Connor waits for the other immortal's charge and uses the man's own sword to behead him. After the quickening rips through the place, Connor leaves the body and sword and staggers off to retrieve his duffel bag and collapse in the loft above the closed antique store.

January 20
Over the next few days he lives a strict and lonely schedule, sparring and training with the katana at the Japanese Spiritual Center in Queens, working out alone, and watching the news reports involving Mount Niri. His attention is caught by the head researcher on the project, Alexandra Johnson, who resembles his lost love interest Sarah Barrington. He's surprised when she shows up in New York at the Spiritual Center, catching him after a sparring session and asking him questions. Their conversation is interrupted by Kane, who attacks Connor even after he points out they're on holy ground. In their fight, The blade of Connor's katana is broken and Kane flees. Connor warns Alex Johnson away and staggers off, although she's seen him take a bad injury.

January 21
After being warned away and told about the slightly mysterious car crash that killed Brenda and left 'Russell Nash' unscathed, Alex seeks out Connor at home. He lets her in, but continues to deflect her questions. She notices his damaged sword sitting out, and listens in on an extension phone when he gets a call confirming his plane tickets to Scotland.

Late January - February, Glencoe, Scotland
Camping out near his old forge, Connor works at trying to make a new blade for his katana. None of the metal he has to work with is up to the task, and his best efforts are frustrated, until Alex arrives with a piece of Nakano's metal stock. She stays on to watch him make the new blade and train, and one day she confronts him with the truth of his immortality, which she's worked out for herself. At that point he sees no point denying it, and they spend the evenings getting to know each other better. Then he receives a call from his friend Jack back in Marrakesh, about picking John up at the New York airport. Kane has impersonated Connor and arranged for the boy to be flown there, to lure Connor in.

J.F.K. Airport, New York, America
Alex and Connor race back to New York in hopes of beating Kane to the airport, but they are in time to see Kane abduct the boy. While Connor struggles to reach them, he is arrested, by police who think he may be connected to the recent beheadings thanks to Russell Nash's suspect status in the beheadings almost a decade earlier.
When Connor is finally released from questioning, he runs home to find a message on his answering machine from Kane, arranging a time and place for their fight.

Jersey City, New Jersey, America
Leaving Alex with a ring as a token, Connor goes to fight Kane. They meet first at an old Mission building, where Kane taunts him, then fight in an abandoned industrial plant nearby. The battle is a hard one, but Connor takes Kane's head, and John finds him just after the quickening, bewildered but glad to see his father again.

February - April, New York City, America
Connor contacts Rachel again, and introduces Alex to her and John. Over the next month or so he reopens the antique store with Rachel, dates Alex, and shows John around New York. The boy yearns for home in Marrakesh, and Connor has work to return to there. Connor, John, and Alex take a trip to Scotland, where Connor lights a candle on Heather's grave for her birthday. They then go on to Marrekesh. Alex easily finds work with the museum acquisitions where Connor has been working, and Connor goes to part-time.

1995 Winter, New York City, America
Connor splits his time between his home in Marrakesh with John and Alex, with whom he is now engaged, and Rachel in New York running the antique store. It's a demanding schedule, and the strain begins to wear on him. He begins to have suspicions he is being hunted by another immortal, but there are no obvious hints and he can't be sure if it isn't simply paranoia.
Concerned by Connor's terse communications over the phone, Duncan arranges to meet him in New York for a visit. They argue when Duncan tries to question him in public, and part ways briefly, Connor going ahead to the antique store. He is in time to see Rachel go inside, and an explosion from the upper floors of the building. Rachel is killed instantly. Duncan remains with Connor for the swift funeral arrangements, but the night before the funeral Connor receives a call from Marrakesh, to tell him that his mortal friend Jack Donovan was killed in an accident.

Marrakesh, Morocco
Immediately following Rachel's funeral, Connor rushes back to Marrakesh, with a sense of foreboding. By the time he arrives, Alex and John have also been killed. Psychologically shattered, Connor goes numbly through their funerals. After John's funeral, he finds the nearest bar and proceeds to get drunk, ignoring the two men who come to sit at his table. These men are Watchers, and they tell him about a place called the Sanctuary, where he can sleep away the ages and never fight another immortal. Connor does not agree to this, but he is easily drugged by a third Watcher, and quietly spirited off to the Sanctuary, where he will spend the next ten years.
With Connor/Russell Nash' a missing person and the rest of his family gone, all his properties and finances default to Duncan's hands. Duncan has no idea where his kinsman has vanished to.

2005 Winter, Connecticut, America
After Connor has been drugged and locked to a table in the Sanctuary for ten years, Jacob Kell, who was behind the deaths of Connor's family (including Brenda), finds the place. He takes his group of immortals, who do not play by the rules, and slaughters the mortal Watchers of the Sanctuary, then decapitates every immortal held there except Connor. After the mass quickening, Kell releases Connor and he and his men leave before the drugs wear off on Connor. By the time he recovers, Connor is alone surrounded by headless corpses. He recovers his belongings and flees to holy ground, hiding out near a cemetery.
Shortly thereafter, Duncan comes to look for his grave, and Connor steps out to speak with him. Jacob Kell has tracked Duncan there, and interrupts their reunion to threaten them both. Duncan's immortal wife from the early 1700's, Catherine Devaney (now going by the name Faith) is with him. Kell goads Connor into stepping just off holy ground and they fight briefly, but Connor is badly out of shape after ten years comatose. He loses the fight, but Kell does not take his head, instead revealing he killed Connor's family, and claiming Duncan is next on his hit list. Kell and Faith leave after this threat. Ashamed and heartbroken, Connor walks away from Duncan but back onto holy ground.
After some thought, Connor comes to the conclusion that he has no chance to defeat Kell, but if he gives Duncan his own quickening, their strength together may allow Duncan to win against him. Connor finds Duncan at a nearby hotel, and draws him out to the rooftop, forcing him to fight. Duncan is alarmed to hear Connor's idea, and tries to refuse to fight him, but Connor is desperate and pushes him to fight just to save himself. Connor then gets Duncan's sword locked into the move he showed him long ago, that will allow him to essentially behead himself with Duncan's blade. He makes his apologies and farewell, telling Duncan they are true brothers.
Horrified and out of options, Duncan lets go of the sword to punch Connor in the face, knocking him out. He leaves the rooftop with his own sword, needing to get away from his kinsman to think, and recover from the enormity of what almost happened. Connor wakes alone on the rooftop, and feels deeply guilty over his actions after the horror he saw in Duncan's eyes. He is also alarmed for his kinsman and former student, knowing Jacob Kell will be on the hunt for him now. Terrified for Duncan's safety, Connor finds Jacob Kell and fights him, and driven by sheer desperation he manages to behead Kell. When Connor recovers from the fight enough to stagger away, he retreats into hiding.

Spring, New England, America
Mentally unstable, Connor wanders and hitchhikes, without identity and only the clothes and things he had on him when he left the Sanctuary, although this includes his katana. He is discovered by an immortal who heard news of Kell's hunt for him, and expects Connor to be easy prey. They fight, and Connor takes his head. The resulting quickening shakes Connor out of his dazed mental state enough to pull himself together a little. He takes the cash from the dead immortal's wallet, uses it to buy an old but still functional car, and continues moving through the States.

2010 Summer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, America
Relatively mentally stable, Connor has been using library computers to catch up on world events, keep tabs on Duncan from afar, and look for news of other immortals. He begins to headhunt, selecting targets who are both well below his own skill level, and 'bad guys' in the sense of harming those around them in one way or another. His headhunting keeps him moving erratically across the country, and the cash from his kills allows him to afford food and gas for his car. He sleeps in the car, usually no more than a few hours at a time and plagued by nightmares. He frequently parks in church parking lots or near cemeteries to rest.

Those referencing this timeline for games other than the Nexus/[livejournal.com profile] dear_multiverse can stop reading here.

One evening, while wandering the woods around an abandoned graveyard, he finds himself somewhere else very strange.

Nexus question area
After observing for a while, but unsure if he is dreaming or hallucinating, Connor asks a question in the Nexus. He encounters Ramirez, much to both their surprise, and is forced to face the reality of the place. He finds his way back to his car, parked at the edge of the cemetery, but the next day he finds his way back into the Nexus again. He learns of PINpoints, and meets a woman named Kairos who offers him a more secure place to sleep and recover for a while.

Early Autumn, Nexus/Sanctuary, France
Connor finds himself settling in with Kairos, who is fast becoming more than just a friend. He tentatively takes on a woman named Jelani as a student for sword-fighting. At both their urging, he begins to consider going back to talk to Duncan, and beg his forgiveness for the events of five years ago.

Autumn, Paris, France
Connor returns to his own world with a substantial loan from Jelani, sells his car, and buys plane tickets to Paris. He spends a day or so there deliberating before he works up the nerve to approach Duncan's houseboat and make an apology. Startled but relieved to see him, Duncan welcomes him in.

Winter, Nexus/Sanctuary, France
Connor survives his first LOL (candy given out by his friend Clark, that actually puts him in a good mood), and finds a forge in an alternate dimension thanks to another Nexizen. He spends much of the time up to Christmas working there on a gift for Kairos, and celebrates Christmas for the first time in fifteen years. He also makes a new friend and sparring partner in a vampire named Nick.

2011 Spring - February 10, Nexus/Sanctuary, France
In the Nexus, Connor encounters a demon that disguises itself as Rachel, and despite his usual caution he's taken in by the ruse. Connor brings the false Rachel home to Kai's house, where she's welcomed and given a place to stay.

February 17
Despite misgivings, Connor celebrates Valentine's Day with both Kairos and the false Rachel and continues to wrap his world around the demon. Trying to integrate her into his tiny circle of friends, he brings April home to meet Rachel. April immediately recognizes the demon for what it truly is, and with Kai's assistance convinces Connor into seeing the truth and exposes the demon. Heartbroken, he sends it away and April is forced to banish it as it makes its last pleas to him.

Connor tries to counsel April a little about her father, and console Clark over the death of his.

April 2
Connor lights a candle for Heather's birthday.

April 22
One of his regular trips home to his own world results in encountering and being challenged by another immortal on his old Manhattan turf. Connor fights, and wins, then returns home to Kai still buzzing with the Quickening.

Summer - July 17, Nexus
Connor once again encounters Balthazar Blake in the Nexus, injured, and catches up on comparing notes.

August 31
With offerings of booze, Connorspends an afternoon in the Nexus looking for advice on how to relax and enjoy what he's got.

September 6 Manhattan, NY, U.S.
Connor and Kairos together
visit Balthazar at his shop, the Arcana Cabana.

September 18 Nexus
Connor plays designated teleporter for Balthazar, while the latter gets deliberately very drunk.

Late Summer/Autumn, France
Connor and Kairos settle on a house, and spend late summer and through the autumn settling in to it. Connor cleans out a very large shed and converts it to a forge with tools both ancient and modern, and starts to practice getting his old skills back.

Winter, December 29, Nexus
Connor does his best to advise and counsel Jelani in a Nexus bar, after the man who'd been living with her takes all his things and leaves without warning, while she's away.

2012 Winter - January 2, France
Connor and Kai spend a quiet birthday together.

Winter - January 5, Smallville, U.S.
Connor and Kairos are participants in Clark & April's Wedding, with Kairos as a bridesmaid, and Connor standing in for April's father to walk her down the aisle and give her away.
At the subsequent wedding reception he meets her father Spike, and has a friendly drink with him.

January 22, Nexus
Connor, Kairos, Jelani, and Balthazar all visit the Nexus pound together to get a dog for Connor, while he convinces his friends to make adoptions as well.

Connor's current number of kills: 268
Connor's current age (2014): 496

((Disclaimers: Connor's father's name subject to change (not given anywhere in canon I can find). All information heavily referenced from here, which is an excellent resource and also has a nice gallery, and also The Highlander Wiki.))

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