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((This is an open post intended for anybody who'd like to play a thread visiting Connor at his forge. I consider any threads on this post fair game for Kai to jump in on, too. Additional similar posts available on request!))

The smithy, Connor's pride and joy, is technically a refurbished shed a little ways out from the back of the house he shares with Kairos. What started as an ivy covered, mostly stone building has since had most of one wall removed and replaced with a set of barn doors, with a sturdy support beam between them. It makes the place drafty and cold in winter, when it's not in use, but once the big forge has been going for an hour or two, it can get hot enough that the open doors let in a welcome breeze.

He has the doors open now, and the open side of the building faces the huge garden plot that takes up much of the back yard. It's covered with snow, now, cross-crossed with doggy pawprints of two different sizes. There's a semicircle of ground before the open doors that's free of snow, although it may be muddy in places. Frequent opening and closing of the doors combined with the heat of the place have melted it away. The sound of hammer on anvil rings out across the yard, and Sorcha is rolling at the edge of the snow with a big stick dragged from the nearby woodsy patch. It's a peaceful scene.
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Connor's time is split now, between the forge and the garden he's been establishing in the back yard. Either way, he spends a lot of time outdoors, and he's not alone. Today Connor's in the open forge sitting on a tall bench, beside an eclectic collection of tools and a sturdy barrel full of water. He's washing his hands and face in the latter, heedless of splashing water all over his shirt. It's filthy anyway, because he's been tilling the big patch of bare dirt that is Kai's new project this year. There's a partial fence, erected hastily and not quite finished, but there isn't anything planted yet so it's not too terrible if the dogs run all over through it, which they do.

Since one side of the forge is basically open, Connor can see the new garden from here, and the ivy-covered back of the house. There's a lanky grey puppy at his feet, and he knows Kai is out shopping for seeds and garden tools. It's spring. A friend is coming to visit.

Connor can barely believe life could ever be this good.
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((Will be backdated sometime in the near future))

Connor's been working at the forge from late summer when he got it up and running, all through the fall. It's kept him busy, not coming inside until late most evenings, but at least it does make him easy to find. He seems to find some quiet joy in experimenting and playing with metal, getting his hand back into the trade. He doesn't say much about what he's making, and mostly calls it mucking around, yet most of his friends will be getting gifts off the anvil this Christmas.

For Kai, along with baking supplies, peppermint bark, a luxurious scarf and gloves, and breakfast in bed, there is his ultimate triumph, an iron rose. It's not large, but it represents the height of his current skills.

For Duncan, there's a set of knives, practical enough to use in the kitchen, but also nice enough to hang on the wall.

Clark and April get separate gifts, but they certainly make a set. Each of them has a torc that ends in leaves, mountain ash for April, and oak leaves for Clark.

For Balthazar, there's a tin of good cocoa mix from France, and a cloak pin with celtic knots at the ends. He could probably get away with wearing it just as a brooch, but for all Connor knows, he's outdated enough to still wear a cloak.

For Jelani there's a small but elegant knife, with a short note to let her know it was the first one off his new forge. The first one he considered a full success, anyway.
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It's wonderful to have Rachel back, but also a little difficult. She's clingy, shaken by her experience, and Connor's finding it hard to get time alone with Kairos. It makes sense. Her last memories seem to be of the explosion that killed her, and he's been awkward about explaining to her that she's dead, at least in their own world. When she was a child, after her village was destroyed and her family slain by Nazis, not far from her hiding place, she clung to him. For almost a year he slept on the floor beside her bed, to be close when the nightmares came, as they frequently did. There were bombs, in the war. To have been killed by a bomb probably brings up all those old fears on top of the trauma of death. He wants to be there for her, again.

Only then it was just the two of them, and she was a child. Now he has a girlfriend, who is being wonderfully understanding and kind, but who he wants a few moments alone with. Rachel isn't a child, but a grown woman, and someone he was just finally beginning to accept as gone.

He feels terribly guilty sneaking away for a short while, to the Nexus. There, he runs into April, and bringing her back home with him at least helps give him an excuse for having gone out briefly. It's strange to need an excuse.

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