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It's wonderful to have Rachel back, but also a little difficult. She's clingy, shaken by her experience, and Connor's finding it hard to get time alone with Kairos. It makes sense. Her last memories seem to be of the explosion that killed her, and he's been awkward about explaining to her that she's dead, at least in their own world. When she was a child, after her village was destroyed and her family slain by Nazis, not far from her hiding place, she clung to him. For almost a year he slept on the floor beside her bed, to be close when the nightmares came, as they frequently did. There were bombs, in the war. To have been killed by a bomb probably brings up all those old fears on top of the trauma of death. He wants to be there for her, again.

Only then it was just the two of them, and she was a child. Now he has a girlfriend, who is being wonderfully understanding and kind, but who he wants a few moments alone with. Rachel isn't a child, but a grown woman, and someone he was just finally beginning to accept as gone.

He feels terribly guilty sneaking away for a short while, to the Nexus. There, he runs into April, and bringing her back home with him at least helps give him an excuse for having gone out briefly. It's strange to need an excuse.
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Pondering Rachel... )

It's Valentine's Day, and Rachel always did like baking. He's up before either of them, out and then back early. Both women find a vase full of roses by their place at the table, Kai's are red and Rachel's are yellow. There's a breakfast of omelets and croissants, hash browns, and coffee. He even sings a little, as he cooks, which is hopefully endearing rather than painful. Connor can carry a tune just fine, but his raspy voice isn't really made for singing. It probably doesn't help that he's singing in Gaelic, which neither of them knows.
He clears away the dishes, and then gets to work baking. If they want to help, they're welcome to, and he hopes this old favorite activity will help make Rachel feel more at home. What it means for future arrangements, Connor isn't sure. It's too much to think of, right now. Later, at dinner, there is a ring for Kairos and a necklace for Rachel. For now, there are cookies...

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Connor PINpoints directly into the house, but today he's not alone. Hanging off his arm is a lovely, but mature woman, pale blonde hair elegantly coiffed and blue eyes bright. She's neatly dressed, in a slightly conservative but flattering ladies suit, and pearls. The way she's pressed against Connor is very familiar, the kind of closeness he doesn't usually allow from anybody but Kairos or his kinsman, Duncan.
He doesn't seem at all bothered, though, almost affectionately protective, instead. His expression is a strange mix of joy and pain. "Kai? Sundrop? I've... got somebody I want you to meet..." Connor gives the woman beside him a gentle squeeze, a kind of one-armed hug, and smiles down at her. He didn't mention his girlfriend, but Rachel was always encouraging him to find somebody...

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