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It's been over a year since Kairos gave Connor everything he needs for a puppy for Christmas. That's a ridiculous length of time to put it off, but first there was the looking for a house, then the move, then he spent most of the summer getting the forge set up to his satisfaction. Through fall Connor's been working in it almost every day, not making swords (although that's his ultimate goal), but polishing up old skills and hammering out Christmas gifts for all his friends. Somehow, now they've passed through a second Christmas- a second Christmas with his girlfriend, with a home and friends and a reason to start living again.

Now, it's his birthday, or thereabouts. Connor would be first to admit that the calendar's shifted around a little, and he can't be completely sure of the date anymore, but it's in January. He has his forge, a home, a girl, and it's past time he got himself a dog and really settled in. Besides, Regina could use a friend.

He's not about to go alone. Besides Kairos, who is of course the inspiration for it all, he's invited a couple of friends he's been prodding to get pets, as well. He's told Balthazar there will also be his informal student along for the trip. To Jelani, he's said a good friend and drinking buddy will be coming along. He's encouraged each of them to prod the other person to get a dog to, but in classic taciturn Connor style, he's said it so briefly he never bothered to give names.
What he did give is PINpoint coordinates to the Nexus humane society, because of course there is one, and they can all talk freely there. Of course, some of the animals may be a little unusual, but they have a section oriented toward the more conventional, baseline earths.
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((Will be backdated sometime in the near future))

Connor's been working at the forge from late summer when he got it up and running, all through the fall. It's kept him busy, not coming inside until late most evenings, but at least it does make him easy to find. He seems to find some quiet joy in experimenting and playing with metal, getting his hand back into the trade. He doesn't say much about what he's making, and mostly calls it mucking around, yet most of his friends will be getting gifts off the anvil this Christmas.

For Kai, along with baking supplies, peppermint bark, a luxurious scarf and gloves, and breakfast in bed, there is his ultimate triumph, an iron rose. It's not large, but it represents the height of his current skills.

For Duncan, there's a set of knives, practical enough to use in the kitchen, but also nice enough to hang on the wall.

Clark and April get separate gifts, but they certainly make a set. Each of them has a torc that ends in leaves, mountain ash for April, and oak leaves for Clark.

For Balthazar, there's a tin of good cocoa mix from France, and a cloak pin with celtic knots at the ends. He could probably get away with wearing it just as a brooch, but for all Connor knows, he's outdated enough to still wear a cloak.

For Jelani there's a small but elegant knife, with a short note to let her know it was the first one off his new forge. The first one he considered a full success, anyway.
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After his last time in the Nexus, Connor's looking a little worse for wear again. After a brief respite, he's back to sleeping badly. Sometimes he dreams he can see a himself in happy family gatherings, but he's always standing outside the window, in the cold or worse. He usually wakes himself beating his fists against dream-glass.

He really doesn't have anywhere else to go, though, except here and back to his own world. So he lurks. He's found one of the edge places, where Nexus dissolves into a patch of wilderness. So he sits, and gives the crowds a brooding stare, watching from the outside yet again.

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