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((Inspired by the jail time Meme on Bakerstreet))

Between Duncan and the various little hoards of assets Connor has squirreled away, Connor still makes fairly regular visits to his world of origin. His kinsman remains the more important of these two reasons, and as long as Duncan is living there, the visits will continue. Duncan is family.
This has already caused trouble once, though, since in his own world he runs the risk of encountering other immortals, and there's no anti-violence field there. Connor's not one to run from a fight, either. Thanks to working the forge and a healthy home life, he's back in fighting shape now, but his reputation was tarnished by the mess with Jacob Kell and he hasn't been around enough for word to get out that he's not an easy target anymore.

This visit, he's gone past dinner time, and it's late when the call comes via PINpoint.

"Er... Kai? I'm uhh..." His voice cracks, even raspier than usual. "I'm in the Seacouver jail..."
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This year, Kai will wake to gifts in the kitchen. One of them she can smell before she even gets there, because Connor has made cinnamon love knots, or so he calls them. There will be eggs and bacon and coffee to go with them, of course.

The other is in a smallish box. Connor isn't much of a jewelry maker, he leaves that to her, but he's no stranger to smaller work and he's made her a kind of bangle bracelet, also something he calls a love knot. It's a tradition older than he is, and he'll be happy to explain it over breakfast.

Or possibly later, in bed.
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It's been over a year since Kairos gave Connor everything he needs for a puppy for Christmas. That's a ridiculous length of time to put it off, but first there was the looking for a house, then the move, then he spent most of the summer getting the forge set up to his satisfaction. Through fall Connor's been working in it almost every day, not making swords (although that's his ultimate goal), but polishing up old skills and hammering out Christmas gifts for all his friends. Somehow, now they've passed through a second Christmas- a second Christmas with his girlfriend, with a home and friends and a reason to start living again.

Now, it's his birthday, or thereabouts. Connor would be first to admit that the calendar's shifted around a little, and he can't be completely sure of the date anymore, but it's in January. He has his forge, a home, a girl, and it's past time he got himself a dog and really settled in. Besides, Regina could use a friend.

He's not about to go alone. Besides Kairos, who is of course the inspiration for it all, he's invited a couple of friends he's been prodding to get pets, as well. He's told Balthazar there will also be his informal student along for the trip. To Jelani, he's said a good friend and drinking buddy will be coming along. He's encouraged each of them to prod the other person to get a dog to, but in classic taciturn Connor style, he's said it so briefly he never bothered to give names.
What he did give is PINpoint coordinates to the Nexus humane society, because of course there is one, and they can all talk freely there. Of course, some of the animals may be a little unusual, but they have a section oriented toward the more conventional, baseline earths.
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((Will be backdated sometime in the near future))

Connor's been working at the forge from late summer when he got it up and running, all through the fall. It's kept him busy, not coming inside until late most evenings, but at least it does make him easy to find. He seems to find some quiet joy in experimenting and playing with metal, getting his hand back into the trade. He doesn't say much about what he's making, and mostly calls it mucking around, yet most of his friends will be getting gifts off the anvil this Christmas.

For Kai, along with baking supplies, peppermint bark, a luxurious scarf and gloves, and breakfast in bed, there is his ultimate triumph, an iron rose. It's not large, but it represents the height of his current skills.

For Duncan, there's a set of knives, practical enough to use in the kitchen, but also nice enough to hang on the wall.

Clark and April get separate gifts, but they certainly make a set. Each of them has a torc that ends in leaves, mountain ash for April, and oak leaves for Clark.

For Balthazar, there's a tin of good cocoa mix from France, and a cloak pin with celtic knots at the ends. He could probably get away with wearing it just as a brooch, but for all Connor knows, he's outdated enough to still wear a cloak.

For Jelani there's a small but elegant knife, with a short note to let her know it was the first one off his new forge. The first one he considered a full success, anyway.
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Connor's well settled into Kai's world by now, and looking forward to moving out someplace less civilized where he can stretch his legs, but thanks to the PINpoint he still makes regular visits back home. Having reunited with Duncan, he's not about to let him go again, and he still has a lot of investments there. Furnishing a new home will be no trouble, with as much antique furniture as he has in storage, and he'll always feel an attachment to the world he comes from. In some part of his heart, Scotland is always home.

Becoming a visitor in his own world has made him less cautious, though, in subtle ways. No one could ever accuse Connor of being careless; paranoia is part of his reputation. Still, when he goes back to check on his business affairs, he's just plain not expecting another immortal.

It's no one he knows, and that's trouble. Whether they know him or not, he may never know. The fight is brutal, and on the long side. Connor's not too badly out of practice, thanks to daily kata and erratically training Jelani, but he's psychologically out of the habit. There's no chance to mentally prepare himself, and that leaves him feeling off his footing.

By the time it's over, he's not really thinking straight, but his first impulse is to go home. home. Home is where Kairos is, so he PINpoints back straight into the living room, the device in his hand sparking and electricity crackling faintly on the air around him. He's been cut up a little, but the other immortal is much worse off, being in two pieces back in a quiet warehouse.

((This thread rated R!))
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Pondering Rachel... )

It's Valentine's Day, and Rachel always did like baking. He's up before either of them, out and then back early. Both women find a vase full of roses by their place at the table, Kai's are red and Rachel's are yellow. There's a breakfast of omelets and croissants, hash browns, and coffee. He even sings a little, as he cooks, which is hopefully endearing rather than painful. Connor can carry a tune just fine, but his raspy voice isn't really made for singing. It probably doesn't help that he's singing in Gaelic, which neither of them knows.
He clears away the dishes, and then gets to work baking. If they want to help, they're welcome to, and he hopes this old favorite activity will help make Rachel feel more at home. What it means for future arrangements, Connor isn't sure. It's too much to think of, right now. Later, at dinner, there is a ring for Kairos and a necklace for Rachel. For now, there are cookies...

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Connor PINpoints directly into the house, but today he's not alone. Hanging off his arm is a lovely, but mature woman, pale blonde hair elegantly coiffed and blue eyes bright. She's neatly dressed, in a slightly conservative but flattering ladies suit, and pearls. The way she's pressed against Connor is very familiar, the kind of closeness he doesn't usually allow from anybody but Kairos or his kinsman, Duncan.
He doesn't seem at all bothered, though, almost affectionately protective, instead. His expression is a strange mix of joy and pain. "Kai? Sundrop? I've... got somebody I want you to meet..." Connor gives the woman beside him a gentle squeeze, a kind of one-armed hug, and smiles down at her. He didn't mention his girlfriend, but Rachel was always encouraging him to find somebody...
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Connor prefers the gates, but today he PINpoints home from the Nexus, holding the bottom edge of his t-shirt up in one hand, because it's full of candy. Never, not even after a good amount of scotch, has he truly been drunk, but he looks pretty unsteady right now. He's also grinning like a loon. His voice cracks a little in a high, sing-song tone. "Suuundrop! I'm home and I brought caaandy!" He stumbles a little, chuckles to himself, and looks down. "Hey 'Gina. Want some candy?"

She'd better come quick before he LOLs the dog.


Oct. 31st, 2010 04:40 pm
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For Halloween, Connor comes home a little longer after his text conversation with Kairos than he meant to, but he's dressed all in simple, dark blue robes that are clearly Japanese. They're not all that ancient, just from the 80's, with a nice circular watery design in white on the back. His katana is tucked into the belt of the robes, his regular clothes in a bundle in his hand. It should pass for a costume, and as a bonus he can carry the katana openly without being questioned. It's possible people will take it for a mere prop.
After a light, early dinner, he and his goddess of a girlfriend head to the Way to help out, and it's not as bad as he feared. The distraction is good, but still, every once in a while, there's some dark-haired little boy, or a knight or cowboy costume, and for just a moment Connor is struck with a pang of deep sorrow. Just once, it's a princess with blonde curls, and he excuses himself to the bathroom for ten minutes.
By the evening's end, he's had enough of Halloween. Connor makes tea, and cuddles on the sofa with Kairos, head nestled against her shoulder. It's been an emotionally wearing evening, and it takes a lot of cuddling and some good long kisses before he feels it's safe to go to bed.
Even then, he dreams of his children.
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Sundrop? Are we supposed to do anything for Halloween?
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After talking with Jelani in the Nexus, Connor returns to the place he's starting, tentatively, to think of as home base. He tucks the envelope full of money away in his suitcase, and takes roughly two minutes to pack, because he's been living out of it anyway.
Then he goes to the kitchen, and rummages, and gets to work. A chocolate cake comes first, made from scratch. While that's cooling he starts on dinner; chicken breasts stuffed with broccoli and cheese, rice pilaf, a little more steamed broccoli in case what's in the chicken isn't enough.

He has to tell Kairos that he's going back to his world, just long enough to get things in order and talk to Duncan, but he's not sure how long that will be.

After it's over, though, this is where he plans to return to.
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Staying just off the Nexus makes it easier to visit, and Connor is tentatively getting familiar with the place. He's been told by a couple of people that he needs to get a PINpoint, and he's learned to reliably find the free bar. He's met a girl who wants to get some sword training from him, which is something to do, and he hasn't felt the buzz of another immortal since his first time here, and that was Ramirez.

He is almost, just barely, settling in.

Then he answers a casual question, and the woman who asked it starts to tell him about the other Connor MacLeod. The one who still has a good friend and true brother in Duncan. The one who still has Alex. And John. And Rachel. An ageless, immortal Rachel.

Connor staggers back to Kairos' house, with a box of chocolates he's supposed to give to his own Duncan along with the apology he's dreading to make. Over the past five years he's mostly pulled his mind back together. He no longer hallucinates, he has enough presence of mind to walk around in public without attracting stares. He remembers to shave at least every couple of days and shower whenever he gets a chance, and he can carry on normal conversations. He's walking a fragile edge, though.
Now his mind is swirling with the stories he's been told of a big happy family with another Connor MacLeod at the boisterous center of it all, somewhere out there not so far away. It's the most wonderful thing he could possibly dream of to know his family is happy and healthy somewhere, and the most agonizingly painful thing ever to know that it's not his family, and it never will be.
He comes into the house and pets the dogs, and puts the box of chocolates on the dresser in the guest room, and sits on the floor beside the bed with his head in his hands and shakes all over for the next few hours.

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