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((This is an open post intended for anybody who'd like to play a thread visiting Connor at his forge. I consider any threads on this post fair game for Kai to jump in on, too. Additional similar posts available on request!))

The smithy, Connor's pride and joy, is technically a refurbished shed a little ways out from the back of the house he shares with Kairos. What started as an ivy covered, mostly stone building has since had most of one wall removed and replaced with a set of barn doors, with a sturdy support beam between them. It makes the place drafty and cold in winter, when it's not in use, but once the big forge has been going for an hour or two, it can get hot enough that the open doors let in a welcome breeze.

He has the doors open now, and the open side of the building faces the huge garden plot that takes up much of the back yard. It's covered with snow, now, cross-crossed with doggy pawprints of two different sizes. There's a semicircle of ground before the open doors that's free of snow, although it may be muddy in places. Frequent opening and closing of the doors combined with the heat of the place have melted it away. The sound of hammer on anvil rings out across the yard, and Sorcha is rolling at the edge of the snow with a big stick dragged from the nearby woodsy patch. It's a peaceful scene.
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He may be across parallel worlds now, but Connor never forgets Heather's birthday. The only time he's ever missed it was the ten years he was in Sanctuary, physically unable to do anything about it. He hopes Kairos won't mind his little memorial ritual, but his love for Heather doesn't dull his love for her, and vice versa. This year, he doesn't bother with a church. There are places in the mountains around his current home more beautiful than any man-made temple of God, and he thinks Heather would love the place. He puts a candle and matches in his pocket, his sword in his coat (it's habit), and heads out the door on foot.

In a quiet grove just out of view of the strange town where they live, he digs a little spot and gets the candle settled firmly upright, and lights it. He kneels there listening to the chill spring wind in the trees, and feels more at peace than he has since the demon with Rachel's face tore through his life. After a while, without even realizing it's aloud, he begins to talk to her.
"We won't be staying here, but somewhere like this... I need to be in the wild again, for a while. I'm so tired of cities." He scratches his jaw, thinking. "You'd like Kai. I know you'd approve. She reminds me of you a little, in lots of good ways, but she's so different in lots of others. In good ways, too. Heh. I guess you two wouldn't want to meet though. That would be awkward... but if it wasn't, I bet you'd be friends." He runs out of words and just sits for a minute, looking at the sky, then murmurs, "I love you, Heather."

He knows Kai will be able to find him, if she wants him, but for now it's a peaceful place to just sit and be.
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Staying just off the Nexus makes it easier to visit, and Connor is tentatively getting familiar with the place. He's been told by a couple of people that he needs to get a PINpoint, and he's learned to reliably find the free bar. He's met a girl who wants to get some sword training from him, which is something to do, and he hasn't felt the buzz of another immortal since his first time here, and that was Ramirez.

He is almost, just barely, settling in.

Then he answers a casual question, and the woman who asked it starts to tell him about the other Connor MacLeod. The one who still has a good friend and true brother in Duncan. The one who still has Alex. And John. And Rachel. An ageless, immortal Rachel.

Connor staggers back to Kairos' house, with a box of chocolates he's supposed to give to his own Duncan along with the apology he's dreading to make. Over the past five years he's mostly pulled his mind back together. He no longer hallucinates, he has enough presence of mind to walk around in public without attracting stares. He remembers to shave at least every couple of days and shower whenever he gets a chance, and he can carry on normal conversations. He's walking a fragile edge, though.
Now his mind is swirling with the stories he's been told of a big happy family with another Connor MacLeod at the boisterous center of it all, somewhere out there not so far away. It's the most wonderful thing he could possibly dream of to know his family is happy and healthy somewhere, and the most agonizingly painful thing ever to know that it's not his family, and it never will be.
He comes into the house and pets the dogs, and puts the box of chocolates on the dresser in the guest room, and sits on the floor beside the bed with his head in his hands and shakes all over for the next few hours.
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Connor's not sure how long he's staying with Kairos, but a short trip home to his rusting junker, and he brings his single small suitcase back to her guest room. He shaves, changes into a clean but threadbare shirt, and visits the Nexus again. Partly he's trying to get a feel for the place, and partly he's hoping to run across Ramirez again. There don't seem to be any flying whales wearing houses around, but it's an interesting trip all the same. He's met a few interesting people, and when he tires of the place he has the comfort of Kairos' house to come back to, and that's a strange feeling. He's a little worried if he stays here too long, it'll be all the harder to go back to living on the road and sleeping in the back seat of his car.
Assuming it doesn't get towed and junked while he's away.

He tries to cook and do dishes for his generous hostess, and persistent exhaustion has him turning in early. Connor doesn't really want to catch up on his sleep, because the less exhausted he is, the more the nightmares come. Thus far he's managed not to cry out in his sleep and alert her, but the nightmares come all the same. Except this night they don't.
They won't the next night, or the next, either. He doesn't realize to what he owes this blessing, although by the second night he starts to get an idea, because he did feel a strange tingle in the back of his mind during a certain conversation.

He's still depressed, but he's starting to look a little healthier, and he's more energetic on walks with the dogs. There's a lot of healing to do, but it's a good start.

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